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The United States has the most dynamic, diverse, and resilient economy in the world. That momentum comes from people pursuing their dreams—from start-up entrepreneurs and small business owners to the leaders and workers of mid-cap companies and large global corporations, and everyone in between. When everyone works together to drive our economy forward, solutions are created, communities are strengthened, and opportunities emerge for all.

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The Federal Reserve raised its key interest rate again earlier this month. That was the eighth time it has done so in the last year, and a few more small hikes are likely coming with inflation still high and consumer spending and the job market still hot.

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See government officials and business leaders—including those representing small and medium-sized enterprises—from the U.S. and across the hemisphere meet to drive innovative, practical solutions for a brighter future across the Americas. This is the official private sector forum of the IX Summit of the Americas, in partnership with the U.S. Department of State.

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Highlights from the CEO Summit of the Americas

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Highlighting the Serious Impact of Criminal Organizations on American Business and Society

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The U.S. Chamber works with business and government to strengthen our economy. While a flourishing business community and a competitive workforce drive growth, the government sets the conditions for success. We advocate for commonsense policies and smart regulations that give businesses the confidence and certainty to invest, expand, hire, and innovate for the future.

Chamber OnDemand

To reinvigorate the economy and promote workforce success, many companies are turning toward reskilling and upskilling for in-demand positions.

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