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Permit America to Build

Bolstering America’s strength and competitiveness by modernizing the permitting process necessary to build critical infrastructure.

Today, the single biggest obstacle to building the infrastructure of the future is a broken permitting system. That is why we are calling on Congress to Permit America to Build by enacting meaningful, durable legislation to modernize our nation’s permitting processes before the end of summer.

From broadband access and transmission lines to pipelines, roads, and bridges, the process to get these projects underway is outdated and insufficient to meet the needs of our modern society. There is bipartisan agreement that we need to modernize our permitting process—now we need bipartisan action.

Permitting principles

Congress has made unprecedented investments to incentivize new resilient American infrastructure, with billions now available and the government creating new opportunities for grants and loans. Investments in renewable energy and lower emissions technologies, critical mineral mining and forestry, to transportation projects are taking four to ten years to complete permitting. These delays serve only to impede critical improvements now and in the future.

While there are differing perspectives on how Congress should address the permitting challenge, there is consensus that a modernized permitting process requires:

  • Predictability: Project developers and financers must have an appropriate level of certainty regarding the scope and timeline for project reviews, including any related judicial review.
  • Efficiency: Interagency coordination must be improved to optimize public and private resources while driving better environmental and community outcomes.
  • Transparency: Project sponsors and the public must have visibility into the project permitting milestones and schedule through an easily accessible public means.
  • Stakeholder Input: All relevant stakeholders must be adequately informed and have the opportunity to provide input within a reasonable and consistent timeframe.

Understanding the permitting process

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